Flightline Services, Inc. 30 Years Experience
Onsite Restoration of Military Static Display Aircraft



Flightline Services, Inc., specializes in the on-site restoration of military static display aircraft and has received painting awards from the Oshkosh Air Show and the Lakeland, Florida "Sun-in -Fun" Air Show. With over 30 years of restoration and painting experience, Flightline Services, Inc., has been involved in the restoration of military aircraft and artifacts since 1991. Flightline Services, Inc., has served as a subcontractor for the Center of Military History, Washington, DC. Our tasks for this contract consisted of the collection, preservation, restoration and storage of the U.S. Army Museum Program inventory. This inventory consisted of aircraft, helicopters, tanks, tracked vehicles, howitzers, cannons and various historical artifacts. The following is a partial list of museum restorations: M41 Tank, M 3 TANK, CH-47A-CHINOOK, BELL UH-1's, OH-58's, WWII-CCKW,F-86D, F-4C, F-89D, F-94C, F-102A, T-38, F-4C, F-86C, C-47, B-25, F-100D, F-101,F-105, BT-13, B-52, P-40, T-33A, F-102 These units are displayed at various military installations around the country. Prior to the start of all restorations we conduct a through research as to the correct colors, insignias, and unit markings that pertain to the era in which the aircraft was flown. All aircraft are meticulously detailed in order to maintain the historical accuracy for all restorations.